Reputation Builder System™

Automated Feedback And Review Building Platform

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New Faster & Cheaper, Text Message Based Review Building System.

Easy Yet Powerful Reputation Marketing Platform Works On All Devices – Desktop, Laptop, Tablet  & Smart Phones

Reputation Platform

Build, market and manage your business online reputation all within this enterprise level, yet easy to use, cloud based platform.

System automation makes getting feedback and building your genuine reviews simple and straightforward.

     Review Builder

Request & Get Feedback

Start a feedback request by ‘check-in’ with email and name into the platform, can be via any computer, tablet or smart phone.

Upload Contacts

Have a CRM/EPOS system/customer database. Simply uploaded into the platform and the system will reach out for feedback requests.


Smart Feedback Routing

Depending on the feedback, the system directs the respondents down either a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ communication channel.

Review Email Follow-up Sequence

People are busy so a number of feedback email requests are sent and all of these tracked. When a feedback is started the sequence stops.

     Reputation Manager

Reputation Dashboard

Is your powerful reputation control center, it tracks, manages and reports on your activities in real time.

Monitor key Review Sites

Reviews pulled into the dishboard and alerts sent when a new review is found. Monitoring – Google, Facebook, Yelp, Yahoo, Foursquare.

Real Time Feedback Alerts

Email and SMS alerts sent in real time whenever feedback is left. Emails can go to several members of your team.

Detailed Feedback Reporting

Clear reporting with bars and graphs showing key metrics, eg feedback rating, reviews received by rating and customers.

Platform Training

Detailed video training covers everything you need to know about the platform and reviews process.

Branded To Your Business

Feedback/review pages, emails, business pages are all branded with your business.

Responsive Platform Design

Cloud based platform, (no software to install). Works on all devices: desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

Reputation Email Marketing System

Contact details stored within your database. Send emails based on ratings or information about  your services or any offers.

     Reputation Marketer

Micro Business Review Website

Another web property with your business details and your internal and selection of external reviews.  Drives more visitors.

Reviews Shown On Your Websites

Feedback and reviews streamed automatically to your website, provides credibility and trust.

Reviews Shared On Social Media

Reviews shared with texts and images on your social media: Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Video Review Commericals

(Optional) Video review commercial produced, these rank well are optimised for your local search and syndicated to social media and video sites.

Simple Automated Feedback And Review Building System review-demoYou Request Feedback, Reputation Builder System Then Takes Over!

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