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New Faster & Cheaper, Text Message Based Review Building System.

Business Owner, Do You Think Your Customers Read Reviews?

Yes… That’s right reviews are now part of the consumer buying process and are everywhere. They couldn’t ignore them if they tried!

You May Be Thinking Does Reviews Matter For My Business?

Source: Brightlocal Local Consumer Review Survey

Question Asked: For which of these local business types does ‘Reputation’ matter the most when choosing a business?

*  Respondents were asked to select up to 3 answers Key Findings:

  •  Reputation matters most for Restaurants, Cafes (Fast Food), Doctors & Dentists
  • It’s also important for Hotels, Tradesmen, Car Garages/Dealers, Hair & Beauty Salons,

Business with an online presence must actively build, manage and market their reputation and not leave it to chance!

Reputation Builder System

Get Feedback Then Build, Manage & Market Your Reviews On Autopilot

Review Builder
Get feedback and build your genuine reviews on autopilot. Understand what’s working and resolve issues fast.

Reputation Manager
Manage your reviews, monitor top external sites, know what your customers are saying about your business.


Business Marketer
Market your business reviews everywhere, share these on your website, blog and social media.

Simple Automated Feedback And Review Building System review-demoYou Request Feedback, Reputation Builder System Then Takes Over!

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